BPFTN: Tour of Palestine, 2015

either Sat May 9 or Mon May 11 - for 7/8 nights

Meeting at Tel Aviv airport/ in Jerusalem on the start date of the tour.

costs/payment: it is a pay as you go tour - ie WE don't take your money and pay: we will advise on the actual costs nearer the time (of accommodation, food, travel within the W Bank)

You should budget for £800 - £1000, to include flights, depending on the type of accommodation you require: eg sharing, single, better guest house etc;

food: costs will deopend on what kind of meals you want.

transport: shared taxis are more expensive than buses.

Flights (on the dates mentioned) at the moment look to be about £220 return Luton/Tel Aviv by good old easyjet. Perfectly good way of getting there!

Deposit: £75 non refundable:

we book the accommodation, and you pay on arrival - but some places either charge a cancellation fee (which we must honour), or expect the full amount if not cancelled within a certain period. The deposit will be returned to you in full when we meet up over there (ie if you come on the tour!)

Aims/opportunities of the visit:

Travel: to and from Tel Aviv - book own flights

Projects/visits would include:

South West Bank: in the Bethlehem area: wi'am (you can google this) - a wonderful centre for reconciliation; an inspirational special needs project for young adults making all kinds of products from wool; Hebron: a women's sewing co-operative. North West Bank: Jenin cultural centre/refugee camp, an najah university in Nablus,

Our network continues to grow. If you would like to contact us, find out what is happening in twinning and how you might be able to get involved please email us on palestinetwinning@yahoo.com for further details.